Heal Your Body and Boost Performance Through Regenerative Medicine

Does this sound like you?

If you’re living with joint and soft tissue injuries that refuse to go away…
You’re regularly popping anti-inflammatory pills that only mask your pain…
You’ve seen multiple specialists for your condition and are not getting satisfactory answers or results for your condition…
You’re missing the sports and activities you used to love to do and being told that’s no longer on option…
You’ve noticed a decline in energy, restful sleep, injury recovery and difficulty with weight loss and have been told “that’s just part of getting older, live with it.” …
There is hope! Start feeling better today buy learning about the amazing field of regenerative medicine. This new eBook will give you the answers you’re looking for to get your health and happiness back on track so you can start to feel better and be better!

Dear Friends,
If you’re like me, a physically active person and former athlete who’s dealt with nagging injuries that refuse to get better despite doing everything you’ve been told by health care professionals…
…have had it with seeing physicians who immediately turn to writing a prescription for pain medication, steroid injections or recommend you to a surgeon without giving you adequate answers as to why you hurt…
…refuse to accept the crowd’s advice that getting older means giving up the sports and activities that have been a part of your life…
…believe that, while aging is inevitable, there must be something medically proven that can keep your energy level high, improve your metabolism, help keep you fit and reduce your risk for illnesses like cardiovascular disease, dementia and osteoporosis…
… are sick of a medical system that is reactive, not proactive in nature, that looks to manage a disease, not actively treat it with a cornucopia of pills and devices…
…and ultimately, want to be in charge of your own health and make informed decisions on how to keep active and healthy at any age, and control your own happiness.
Your message has been received, because I’ve been you.

Who I Am And How I Can Help You

My name is John Stavrakos, and I’m a Doctor of Medicine (MD) who is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) with fellowship training in Sports Medicine, besides being a husband and father of two boys and a former gymnast, soccer player, college cheerleader, and lifelong martial artist holding a 4th degree black belt . I’m the medical director of five successful clinics in the state of South Carolina and a national authority on Regenerative Medicine. I also incorporate, as both a doctor and as a patient myself, nutritional therapy and hormone replacement therapy into my practice for optimal results.

Regenerative Medicine procedures like prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy and stem cell therapy have done wonders for eliminating much of the joint pain I experienced for years. As an athlete myself, I didn’t buy the idea that taking pills to lessen the pain until my back or knees got to the point that a surgeon would have to operate on them was the way medicine was supposed to work.

I’ve been privileged to help people from competitive athletes, to weekend warriors, to active individuals past their ‘playing’ days who still see being fit as integral to who they are break the cycle of pain and restore function. It’s one of my greatest joys to see someone go from being sore, tired and overweight to energetic, fit and happy with a little work on both of our parts. If this sounds like you, then this book is what you’ve been waiting for.

I can state from my personal experience that each of the guidelines I discuss in my book has been nothing short of life changing for me. From my joints to my waistline, my quality of sleep and my drive – all have benefited from this knowledge. They’re the reason I can work 80+ hour weeks and still have the ability to exercise on my own, or wrestle with two little boys who love to use daddy as a throw toy 😊.

​I’m pretty sure you’re asking yourself: “what sets this book apart?” I mean, go to any bookstore and you’ll find the Health and Fitness section overflowing with publications that promise the Fountain of Youth. From fad diets to Special Forces-type exercise programs, they come and go, with most never gaining real traction for long.

The key is that Regenerative Medicine, along with good habits and nutrition and hormone optimization, are medically proven to be both beneficial to the human body and provide you with a relief from so many issues that can plague the modern athlete. If you’ve tried one exercise rehab program or one ‘meal’ plan after another only to have the same problems return? If so, then keep reading – I can relate.

Modern Regenerative Medicine has a track record of over 80 years of validated success. It’s the treatment of choice for professional athletes worldwide, celebrities and got a glowing recommendation from a former Surgeon General of the United States when it saved him from back surgery! If you wonder why NBA, NFL, MLB athletes, FIFA soccer players and the like have been able to have longer, more productive careers with less injury down time than those of 30 years ago or more… now you know.

I created this comprehensive guide to Regenerative Medicine so that you can get a true understanding of why we really hurt from chronic injuries, why the modern medical system usually completely misses the mark on making the right diagnosis and treatment, and actually accelerates the demise of damaged joints and soft tissues with its ‘solutions.’

You’ll see the evidence-based medicine behind the treatments I discuss, and understand why what was once considered ‘voodoo’ or ‘sham medicine’ is being taught and researched at medical universities around the nation.

When you’ve put this book down, it’s my sincere hope that you’ll come and see me in person to discuss how these marvels of medicine can help you, or find a specialist in this field near you who can do the same. I can all but guarantee that by the time you read the last page you’ll be wiser, better informed and on a path to take charge of your own health and well-being.

One of my favorite sayings to live by is this: “Misery is comfortable; that’s why so many people prefer it. Happiness takes effort.” I hope you make the effort to read my book so that you can get back to the things you loved to do, and have a happier, healthier life.


What People are Saying

I would recommend this extraordinary doctor to anyone who has a neurological or orthopedic and/or muscular problem. I am so grateful that after years of well-intended but incorrect diagnoses and plans of treatment, I finally found the one person who has put me on the road to recovery of what was and soon will be again, a normal life.

– Maria S., Chicago, IL
I injured my left arm while lifting a heavy object during a household move.  The pain manifested in the upper arm, back, side and front.  Over the months the pain grew increasingly worse, while the arm became steadily debilitated.  I couldn’t perform basic tasks nor enjoy any of my hobbies and sports activities.  The daily pain level was so high, both my work and basic daily life-tasks were impacted.  Itraveled to see Dr. Stavrakos, and he was able to diagnose exactly what the injuries were to my arm and recommended Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy.    

Over the course of seven weeks and two PRP therapies my arm has steadily come back to 90% functionality.   Most importantly the severe pain is reduced 95%.  I can perform my daily activities with ease now and even enjoyed Archery on a recent vacation.  Dr. Stavrakos helped me with nutritional changes and physical therapy recommendations to ensure the most effective healing progress.    I’m fortunate to have such an accomplished physician bring his expertise combined with my body’s own natural resources to get my arm on a direct path to wellness. Thank you so much Dr. Stavrakos!

-Tim Iannone,  Chicago, IL
In this book, Dr. Stavrakos artfully simplifies many complicated medical concepts and presents them in a manner that is easily understood by the lay public with no medical training. This book will teach you about the layers of musculoskeletal pain, and, more importantly, how to effectively treat them and return yourself and your loved ones to a normal fully functional life. Enjoy and be enlightened!

– Gerald R Harris DO
Developer of the Harris Method of Pain Treatment
President of the AOAPRM
Author of a soon to be released medical textbook on the
comprehensive treatment and resolution of chronic pain
Fort Worth, Texas

If you would like to learn how to repair damaged joint tissue to remove pain and get back to hiking, swimming, soccer or whatever your passion is without surgery or “pain management.”

If you want to get your fitness back on track, and take steps to ward off chronic medical lssues that affect your everyday life and long term health, then I hope you read this book. I suspect it will change your life for the better.

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